Wild Gifts of Grace

Portraits, Naturescapes & Spirited musings for Life’s journey

Wild Gifts of Grace - Portraits, naturescaprs & Spirited musings for Life's journey

Making Room for More (an excerpt)

Employing Aspects of the Immutable for Blessing and Benefit

Life is full of mysteries, seeming paradoxes and things which appear counterintuitive. Our world is both dangerous and beautiful.  Yet, ours is an ordered universe: governed by and moving in perfect harmony with various Laws. So generally when we’re confused, ill at ease, off balance, discordant, or lacking in joy, it is because we are at odds with a particular Law or Laws.

These Laws are woven into the defining weft and warp of the fabric of the Universe and live-streamed into the unique wavelength of everything; they determine the underlying patterns, functions and frequencies of the whole of Creation. These are Laws which cannot be altered or unraveled.  They are designed and we are created so that they work in our favor when we’re aligned and living in harmonious agreement with them. 

However, we can unwittingly disregard or willfully defy them and thus experience the corresponding and germane consequences of doing so. These consequences, whether intended or unintended, will return to us as if by unstoppable courier. Like an incorrectly addressed letter, Cause will be Returned to Sender and come back round to us in perfect measure as Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect (also known as the Law of Compensation or the Law of Sowing and Reaping) is a bit like the unofficial motto associated with the USPS, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Ralph Waldo Emerson refers to it as the “law of laws.”  Part of being human includes the tendency to fool ourselves. We can make rationalizations and excuses to fool ourselves and sometimes others, but we cannot fool God any more than we can defy the Laws of the Universe. The New Testament puts it this way in Galatians 6:7, “Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God. Whatever you plant is what you’ll harvest.” Such is the steadfast ubiquity of Cause and Effect – but unlike worldly correspondence or human machinations, the Laws are played out multi-dimensionally and eternally, set forth and purposed for blessing and benefit.

As Agnes Sanford puts it, “God works immutably and inexorably by law. Until mankind learns and keeps the laws of life, God’s will cannot be made fully manifest. He has never from the beginning until now healed anyone by the interposition of an arbitrary or capricious force. But He heals continually by the addition of a higher spiritual energy to a lower physical energy. ” In addition to the Law of Cause and Effect, there are two more among many with which I have extensive personal experience…

Bryce Canyon from Wild Gifts of Grace - Portraits, Naturescapes & Spirited musings for Life's Journey.

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Linda Compton

Linda Compton believes that it’s never too late to choose joy despite Life’s many betrayals. Anyone can experience the enlivening beauty of Nature. By observing and applying Nature’s Laws, we can discover how to live our Dreams and become our personal best - in mind, body and spirit. Linda is an ordained Presbyterian clergywoman, Nature photographer, joyful entrepreneur and best-selling Amazon author.