High Desert Visions Original Photo Cards by Linda Compton

Back by Popular Request – Only BETTER!

High Desert Visions is back in the photo card business – with a twist. We are no longer printing in-house.

We are using original photographs on high-quality photo paper, individually affixed to heavy bright white card stock with matching envelope. Each card is initialed by the artist.

The images are 4″ x 4″ and the crisp, attractive cards are 5.25″ x 5.25″.

Cards So Special They Require a Little Extra

Because the cards are square they are non-machineable and require a special stamp.

However your extra thoughtfulness for choosing personalized cards over mass-produced needn’t cause you any extra effort!

Choose the Concierge/Convenience Option

We go to the Post Office for you.

When you order your cards you have the option of including the number of .70 stamps you need for your cards. You pay the actual cost of the stamp, nothing more – so you once you have your cards you can pop them in your outgoing mail without any fuss!

The cards are $5.25 each or 4 for $20.00

Serenity Series
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Choose one of our pre-set Series or Mix and Match to create your own Combo

When It’s Meant to Be Special, Personalized Is Better than Mass Produced

Below you will see images of the card sets available. To order, please scroll down to the order form.

You can usually expect to receive an email, acknowledging your order, within a few hours. Your order will be processed and shipped to you within 3 business days (with existing inventory) Special orders may take a little longer.

We will email you a PayPal invoice. Orders are shipped to you via USPS first class in a padded mailer. We will send you tracking information once your cards have been shipped.

Colorful Bird Series
Cardinal Portrait, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, White-eyed Vireo
Sunflowers and Red Poppies
Single Sunflower Portrait, Field of Sunflowers, Red Poppy Close-up, Field of Poppies
Serenity Series
Great Egret in Flight, Guadalupe River, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Water Lily
Black-chinned Hummingbirds with Bouganvilla
Black-chinned Hummingbird back view and side view
Texas Wildflowers
White Prickly Poppy (amid wildflowers), Texas Bluebonnets
Painted Bunting
Painted Bunting on Back Fence

To order, please complete the form below.

If you are ordering 4 or more individual cards, you will receive the set price of $20.00 for each multiple of 4.
You will receive a PayPal invoice and tracking information once your cards have been mailed. Thank you very much for your order.

Linda Compton

Linda Compton believes that it’s never too late to choose joy despite Life’s many betrayals. Anyone can experience the enlivening beauty of Nature. By observing and applying Nature’s Laws, we can discover how to live our Dreams and become our personal best - in mind, body and spirit. Linda is an ordained Presbyterian clergywoman, Nature photographer, joyful entrepreneur and best-selling Amazon author.