Winged Gifts of Grace

"Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better." In eleven simple words Albert Einstein issues an irresistible invitation, reveals a sweeping truth, and gives us a profound way to comprehend fundamental aspects of ourselves and our world. To look deeply is to grasp more fully. To observe and experience Nature this way is to better understand all that is. Nature is the supreme purveyor of understanding if we will but observe its lessons and recognize its truths. From Nature we draw the life-sustaining air that we breathe, obtain our water and food and everything essential to our survival and well-being. Through the Laws of Nature, our Creator also provides the possibility of endless inspiration and regenerative growth. Winged Gifts of Grace: Wild birds & Spirited musings for Life's journey, is a book of color photographs, accompanied by quotes and short essays. Through her images Linda Compton seeks to share the wonder of Nature. She aspires - visually - to enthusiastically tug on your sleeve and say, "Oh wow, look at this!" With her words she hopes to enliven the reader's sense of wonder and joy by sharing thought-provoking reflections, paradigm-shifting nudges, bits of hard-won wisdom and inspiration.

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Broken Ground of the Soul: The Healing Power of the Psalms

This book tells how to access a timeless, regenerative power which God is perennially and persistently extending to each of us in every moment. We seek stillness atop a whirling planet and silence amid the din of days. Ours is a dialectical existence. We live an amphibious life in a both/and world. Thankfully, we are designed and equipped to live in two worlds. But these worlds are not land and water: they are flesh and spirit. We are forever navigating between one reality and an equally real, compellingly commensurate opposite. Miracles are not only within reach, we can pursue them with the predictability of the Law of Cause and Effect. Given that, this book is also akin to a multi-dimensional treasure map, which reveals the ever-present, life-transforming, healing power of the Psalms.

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